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HIP-00 long sleeves T-shirt

HIP-00 long sleeves T-shirt

6600 Ft

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White color long sleeves T-shirt for women with a small Frenetic pattern. Comfortable shape which is perfect as a first layer top, it made of soft material.
Material composition: 90% polyamide 10% lycra

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Because they are colorful, comfortable you don’t even realize you are wearing them during workout! The I-only-workout-in-cotton-clothes era is finally over, but what is a perfect fitness cloth like then?

  • BREATHABLE – our materialis absorb sweat and allow natural evaporation</li
  • NON-FIBRILLATING – all our clothes are thoroughly tested against fibrillation.
  • EXCELENT COVERAGE – no transparency thanks to the excellent quality

Unwanted sweat patches are no longer a thing with Frenetic clothing! We work crazy to make each of our collections better and better, so that you can jump, sweat, work out while it keeps your bums and belly thight! Being fit is a lot more fun when wearing comfortable, colorful and fun clothes.

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